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Manufacturers of the world famous "PartyTouch" brand of party rental music systems and "PartyTouch" coin operated digital video karaoke jukebox systems.

For over 7 years RDR Distributors has been perfecting our range of party rental digital audio, video and karaoke music systems.

The Latest Model is the STJPH1 affectionately known as: "PartyTouch" Now exported successfully to the USA, & Canada. Your business can rely heavily on you having the RDR "PartyTouch" range in your inventory!

The staff at RDR Distributors have a combined 30 years experience in both sheet metal fabrication and internet kiosk/cabinet design. Our all new 2013 "PartyTouch" coin & bill operated digital video karaoke jukebox is perfect for any application where music and entertainment come together! 7 years of evolution on this operating system has been the backbone of why this system will make you money!

Talk to your authorized distributor to find out how RDR & PartyTouch can cater a package to suit your location. From sales to rentals to profit share every option is available.